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I’m just a sarcastic goof living in West Michigan, working, freelancing, and figuring out this style blogging thing.

I'm a hardcore idealist and romantic, which can get me into trouble sometimes, but mostly it means that I am inspired by good stories, in film, books, music, photos, and peoples' lives.


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3 November 11

My Style Heritage: Part 1 - Grandma Fran

Greetings all!

Kicking off a fun little series today. I recently inherited a few stacks of old family photos. I’m a nostalgia junkie, so it was fantastic to see my parents and grandparents when they were my age, imagining what it was like for them to grow up when they did. It was also great to see both the classic and the horrible styles of the times. I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos with you!

First we have my father’s mother, Frances, aka Fran, aka Franny.

Franny was born and bred in Kalamazoo. Her mother Mercedes Carerras came to Michigan from Spain by way of Puerto Rico. Her father Jerome O’Donahue came from Ireland. They found each other and had three girls: Frances (Franny), Lorraine (Lou) and Mercedes (Tootie). Don’t ask me how they came up with that nickname. I don’t know.

I definitely inherited a lot of my Grandmother’s features: face shape, prominent brow, dark eyes, height. Both Franny and her husband Neil were very tall, and my father is 6’4”.

She looks so classy in all of the photos I found. Coiffed hair, red lip, full skirts.

Franny was a live wire, always moving, and usually singing. She met my grandfather, Neil, and they settled down in Kalamazoo.

Below (left to right): My aunt Debbie, Grandma Fran, my dad Neil, Grandpa Neil, my uncle Greg.

Franny is still in Kalamazoo. In all honesty, she probably won’t be around much longer. She’s my last remaining grandparent, and the one I knew the best. I have the most vivid memories of her: cooking, singing, and laughing. Always laughing.

(this is Franny and me a couple years ago at the ice cream shop.)

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